(1) Be Respectful
Be respectful. Hate-speech, racism, sexual harassment, personal attacks, direct swearing, excessive swearing, threats, violence, impersonation of bots and players, abuse, inappropriate builds, and trolling is not allowed.

(2) Chat
Do not start any unnecessary drama. This involves heated arguments about politics, religion, suicide, alcohol, nsfw, spamming, excessive caps, and other sensitive topics. Don't start drama or bait overreactions, also advertising is not allowed. This server is also English only.

(3) Privacy
You will neither publicly nor privately expose any personal information of any member in this server, this includes, but are not limited to, doxing, IP pulling, etc. In addition, leaking server info like future updates / plugins, is not allowed.

(4) Staff
All Staff members should be treated with respect. If you believe a warning/ban/mute/kick was unfair and you’d like to appeal it please make a ticket immediately, do not try to discuss this ban with other members of the server except staff and only in support tickets (this means do not try to resolve issues in vcs or staff dms).

(5) Hacks
Auto clickers, Hack Clients, and Exploits (using a unintended game feature to your advantage) are all unacceptable. If you are caught doing any of these you will be punished accordingly.

(6) Scamming
Scamming is not allowed in any way, shape, or form. If you are scamming someone with IRL money you will be punished, No transactions should be made with IRL money or for items on other servers! Do it at your own risk, you have been warned, and we will NOT compensate the loss of any items / money if scammed, however the scammer will still be punished. Also creating fake items is not allowed!

(7) Alt
Alts shall not be used on the server. If you are caught using an alt your main account will be punished as well.

(8) AFK
The use of auto clickers / afk clicking / putting something on your mouse is not allowed, If you do not show that you are present, you will be assumed to be using an auto clicker. Also no bypassing our Anti-Afk system, don't use any afk bypass mechanics or you will just be punished, please just be present and play fairly.

(9) Player Trading
When trading with other players, Please take screenshots or record the trade as evidence as we cannot help without it. Please do straight up deals that are paid in full and use /trade to prevent any sort of scamming. You are liable for the people you give your money to, do not lend other players money and expect them to pay you back. Trading items / money in PandaCraft for items in other servers or for IRL money is Not allowed, as we cannot control the items / money if anything were to happen do it at your own risk! Trading items / money for things in the PandaCraft store is Allowed, as we are able to provide refunds, and control items / money if anything were to happen.

(10) Player Responsibility
You are liable for your account and responsible for whoever you let use your account. You are also liable for your items, balance, etc. and the people you trust on your claim. Enderchests and private vaults can be used to your disposal to keep your items safe. Do not put your things on a claim that you do not own and expect it to be safe.

(11) Toxic behavior
Toxic behavior, remarks, or actions will not be tolerated in the slightest. Some examples include repeatedly bothering players, taking "jokes" too far, talking in chat with the sole purpose of trolling, or acting in an overly aggressive manner.